What they really want to buy from you

There are two important things you need to understand in your business.

The first…you need to understand what you do. Now, I’m taking a wild guess and going to say you’ve got this one nailed.

The problem is that knowing what you do, as well as you know it, clouds your ability to discern the second important thing you must understand…

What THEY want to buy from you.

Rarely are the two the same.

For “experts” who’ve gone to school, acquired certifications, placed lengthy strings of letters after their name or just been practicing their craft for years, it’s even harder.

You tend to define yourself by what you do. You communicate to prospects from the perspective of what you do.

Yet, your prospects likely don’t want to buy what you do.

They’re buying something else.

An end result.

A problem solved.

THEY speak in the language of destinations.

As business owners, we tend to speak in the language of transportation: how we’ll get from here to there.

If you want more leads and more clients, get out of transportation and focus on client destinations.

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photo courtesy of: Tibor Kovacs

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