What are you afraid of?

Wait! We’re all business owners, how could we possibly be afraid of anything…? Except, in call, after call, after call we listen to business owners—successful ones—who are afraid of clients.

Afraid to call the client (or future client) on their B.S.

Afraid that if they don’t “prove” their worth in the first 30 seconds that the future client won’t buy…

Afraid to test the future client’s commitment to doing business…

And more…

So why are they afraid, and what can be done about it…?

The fear is the easy one to understand. It comes from lack.

When you lack leads, you’re afraid to run any one of them off. No matter how bad they might be.

You need them.

And there’s the problem. Neediness can be sensed.

And your prospects know when you need them. You’d think they’d use that information against you—force you to cut your fees.

Sometimes, yes. But the more common response is just to leave.

Most didn’t come to you looking for the lowest price. They came looking for leadership.

And instead, they just get your neediness.

So they move on. In search of someone to lead them out of their problem and into a better future.

So how do you fix this…?

Well, there are three ways to fix it.

#1. Create more leads. Most businesses think it takes years to get the lead flow going. And, if you approach like most do (without any focus) it does take years.

Yet, we’ve found in our Unstoppable Referrals™ Accelerator program that, in a month or two, we can have a serious impact on a client’s lead flow. And without them having to put in a ton of work (some, but not a ton). Seriously, with 60 days of focus, you can have this fixed.

#2. Put up small barriers that force prospects to demonstrate their commitment to solving the problem they face, and their commitment to having you do it.

Most are so desperate to talk to a prospect that they’d never consider making that prospect “prove” that they’re real.

Now, before you assume that I’m talking about business beginners or the unsuccessful, let’s get clear.

We hear that from businesses that have been operating for 5, 10, even 15 years. Businesses where the principal is pulling in something north of six-figures. And yet, they might only see one new prospect a month.

And so there’s fear and lack.

#3. Build those small, but important barriers into a process. A system that works outside of you.

So, when you’re feeling the fear and lack, the prospect just sees the process working. Not your emotion of the day.

Oh, and if you want to talk about fixing your lead flow in the next two months, you can book a time here.


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