Watch me work without a net

Last week I “hinted” at changes coming, focused on engineering trust more quickly with new people entering my world.

The first of them is just about ready for the world.

Rather than just pushing it out, I thought you’d benefit from watching it all happen…and from understanding the thinking.

So, today…the thinking that went into these changes.

People enter my world one of three ways:

1. They read about me in the media, or hear an interview, come to the site and *usually* buy a copy of Unstoppable Referrals.

2. They click on an ad on Facebook to get “The Unstoppable Referrals Blueprint” – a 1-page graphic overview of the process described in the book.

3. They buy or are given a copy of the book from and find their way back.

Trust building starts at the source. And Sources #1 and #3 are good places to start high-trust relationships.

But #2…a weak lead magnet…not so much.

So we’ve been working on something more substantial, of greater intrinsic value.

As we’ve built it we used three trust accelerators:

1. The human voice.

2. Delivery over time, to ensure that we had a chance for trust to take hold.

3. Significantly increased value, specifically tuned to the feedback we received from a recent survey of new subscribers.

Tomorrow, I’ll share a peek into the new changes to the website that make this all happen.

One piece of advice…watch the process. It’s just as educational as the content.

Same Bat Time, same Bat Channel, tomorrow!




photo, originally in color, courtesy of: George Socka

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