Want more clients? Make the unconscious…

Make the unconscious…conscious.

Here’s what that means:

You know exactly who your IDEAL Client is right?

Of course you do…

In your head.

Have you ever written it down? Have you ever examined your IDEAL Client across the dual dimensions of demographics and psychographics?

What about the four perspectives that your IDEAL Client uses to perceive and interact with the world—see, hear, think, do…?

Are they on paper?

Do you REALLY understand the problem that IDEAL Client is facing?

More importantly, have you made a list of the consequences of that problem…the ones they can’t live with even one day more, that will COMPEL them to pay you to fix the problem…cure the consequence?

Make the unconscious, conscious…

And do you know why…have you articulated it in the language of your future client…why, that consequence is so objectionable that it’s worth investing their time, energy and money to rid it from their lives?

In your head doesn’t count. Make it real, make it conscious, put it on paper.

A little “business porn” for your weekend viewing pleasure: https://unstoppableceo.net/webinar/

Photo, originally in color, courtesy of: Jacob Botter

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