Want a consistent stream of clients? Learn this…

And then this…

And the other thing…

If you’ve invested any time at all trying to learn how to attract clients in the new world of marketing you know:

There’s no end to the “you gotta learn this next thing.”

I got off that train a long time ago and realized there are really just a handful of…


That work (like referrals).

Master them, and you’ve got a consistent stream of new clients.

My journey’s not that different from my friend Dov Gordon’s (despite the resemblance we’re not related ;-).

Probably not that different than yours.

Tomorrow, Dov is hosting a webinar, no charge, that you *might* want to attend (if cutting through the clutter and actually getting clients is important to you).

You can register here >>

You know, I don’t promote a lot of other people here.

There’s a reason. The really good ones are few and far between.

Dov’s one of the good ones. (I’d say “great”, but he may see this and I don’t want his head getting too big).

This presentation will be worth your time.

Yes, I’d like to discover how to simplify my client getting process, I want to attend Dov’s webinar >>

See you there!

P.S. The Webinar is TOMORROW, Wednesday, May 13th at Noon Eastern (5pm in London). Get in here >>




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