Two Unusual Tricks to Get Clients from Speaking, Plus One Thing You Should Never Do

Everyone knows that speaking is a great way to get clients, right? Yet, so many professionals go and speak, and go home without any clients. And it’s all very preventable…

So, today, I’m going to share with you two tricks to making every speaking event deliver the clients you want. Plus, I’m going to show one thing you should never, ever do, if you want to get lots of new clients from speaking.

So, here we go…

Why John Fills the Room with 74 Prospects in a Seminar

One of our clients, John, puts on seminars 6 to 10 times a year. And in each one, he fills a room…

With as many as 74 prospects at a time.

Now, you’re probably wondering…how does he do it? Is it Facebook ads…? Direct mail…? Calling…? Referrals…? Offline advertising…?

And the answer is yes, he uses most of those. But that’s not why he fills rooms again and again.

No. The real reason he has rooms full of eager prospects is that he’s cut the B.S….there’s no yada, yada, yada. And that’s what most speakers deliver, just a bunch of yada, yada.

The Secret is in the Transformation

To fill rooms consistently, your topic needs to be more than a collection of information prospects can read on the Internet somewhere. Instead your presentation needs to deliver a transformation.

What Do We Mean by Transformation?

Very simple…you need to move them from Point A to Point B. That requires more than just information. You must transport them from their current situation and deliver an experience that connects emotionally to motivate action. Without action, there is no change…no transformation…and no sale.

Transformation Leads to Perpetually Filled Events

Transformative events are referable events. And this helps you fill the next event, and the next and the one after that. And that’s one of the secrets to John’s many years of success with seminars and events.

So How Does Transformation Turn into Clients?

Well, it doesn’t happen all on its own. In fact, what I see most people do is leave the next step–the meeting you want the prospect to attend, where you’ll turn them into a client–to later.

No mention of it at all during the event.

And this is a BIG mistake.

But I’ll Just Follow-up

That’s how the thinking goes…I’ll just follow-up and book the appointments. But you won’t. I’ve seen enough businesses “plan” to follow-up with all the attendees at a speaking event, but then something happens…

They return to the office. Life gets in the way and the best of intentions is out the window.

But that’s not the only reason to do something different in your event…

When the Sun Comes Up the Prospects Lose the Mood

Not only do you get caught in the busyness of life…so do your prospects. Plus, all that emotion you created is now gone. It peaked in the moment, but just like date night with your spouse…you have to strike while the iron’s hot!

The solution is to sign them up on-the-spot at the end of your speech. Have someone there, in the back of the room, with a calendar. Ready to book appointments.

You’ll have a full calendar soon, because of the power of the herd…

Starting the Stampede

When you wait to book appointments, you rob yourself of the most valuable advantage you have with a room full of people:

The Power of the Herd.

The herd follows the leader. It doesn’t matter who is the leader. They’ll follow anyone. So, all you need is one prospect to go book an appointment and BAM…they’ll all follow and stand in line to book a meeting with you.

When was the last time that happened for you?

There you have it…the two tricks to getting clients from speaking:

1. Focus your topic on delivering transformation

2. Use the Power of the Herd to fill your calendar at the event.

But I promised to give you one thing never to do when speaking for clients. And it is, by itself the single biggest mistake made by professionals who speak for business development.

The Big Mistake with Speaking

Unfortunately, I see it a lot. Firm owners decide to put on a seminar for prospects. They book a room, order some food and send out the invites.

Then only three people show up. They’re disappointed. They wanted a bigger crowd. They assume that this speaking thing won’t work for them…won’t work in their market…won’t work for their business…

So they quit.

Never, Never, Never Give Up. -Sir Winston Churchill

And they don’t realize that we have all given presentations to 3 people…sometimes fewer

My client John once did a seminar for one prospect. That prospect has been a client of John’s for years

Persistence Guarantees Success

Our most successful clients get in a rhythm–delivering a seminar, webinar, speech–every 4 to 6 weeks. That kind of persistence can’t lose.

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