Three easy steps to simplify getting clients

Funny, we like to make things so complicated…

I did for years.

Then I started looking around at the two or three most successful people in my industry and discovered something…

THEY didn’t do the very next new thing that came along.

Their model was simple…even simplistic.

Judged unsophisticated by the industry “gliterati”…

But it worked.

What I found was that, though each had surface differences, they all had three basic systems for getting clients:

1. Open lots of new relationships with little effort (starting with referrals).

2. Build a communications platform to accumulate “future clients”.

3. Have a system for “selling” that brings future clients into the present.

I wrote about this in great detail, including a roadmap for building your own “simple system” in the June issue of The Unstoppable CEO™ CONFIDENTIAL.

One subscriber sent me this note after reading it…

“I’m writing, first, to tell you how much I love your Unstoppable CEO™ CONFIDENTIAL newsletter. I downloaded the PDF today and read it right away…

I’m always wondering about whether I need every subscription I pay for…So as I started reading, it was a mixture of two things in my head:

1) Oh boy, a new issue of Steve’s newsletter. I can’t wait – I’m gonna read it right away!

2) Is this really worth $97 for 16 pages?

But when I got to the ‘Business That Grows Itself’ diagram at the bottom of Page 8, I said to myself. ‘I can’t believe I got this for only $97!’

It was like opening a box of Cracker-Jacks and finding a complete Grand Unified Theory of Marketing.”

-Digby Willard, Minneapolis, MN, USA

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photo, originally in color, courtesy of: Mike Mozart

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