Three bald-faced lies about referrals

When I ask an audience of business owners what are the keys to referrals, they always tell me lies…

Lie #1: ”The key to referrals is outstanding service.”

WRONG…that’s just your ticket to the dance. It’s expected, not referrable by itself.

Lie #2: “The key to referrals is having a great network.”

Sadly…untrue. I just wrapped up work with two business owners who have massive networks, tremendous community involvement and goodwill, and yet, were frustrated when their “network” referred to the competition.

Lie #3: “The key to referrals is having a really good incentive program for clients who refer you.”

Not just wrong…dangerous! Yes, you’ll find an example here and there of incentive programs working, but mostly for low-dollar, low-trust transactions.

Incentive programs create a conflict of interest in the minds of most people. They don’t want to be perceived as referring because they get a reward.

This Wednesday, I’ll show you the single most important secret to getting 5 to 50 referrals in your very next client meeting, from clients who’ve never referred you before.

It’s the antidote to these three lies…

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On the webinar I’ll share:

– Why your best, happiest clients aren’t referring you, and how to change that.

– How to attract loads more referrals, without having to ask for them…and without experiencing the “awkward conversation.”

– How to choose, approach, and *train* the right referral partners so that you can avoid the well-intentioned, but one-way partner relationships (you know, where you’re making all the referrals) that drive you nuts.

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It’s happening this Wednesday, June 24th at 3pm Eastern / Noon Pacific / 8pm London.

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photo, originally in color, courtesy of: Chris Short

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