The ultimate confidence builder for the entrepreneur’s spouse

I’m not sure, but guessing that it’s damn difficult to be married to someone crazy enough to start a business.
The memories of those early days when the clients aren’t yet storming the gates seem to last for years beyond the reality.

But there is one magic confidence builder for the brave husbands and wives of business owners…


Demand far in excess of supply.

I’ve spent the majority of my time, energy and money to build demand for ME.

I urge my clients to take the same focus.

It solves all problems (or at least gives you the means to solve them all).

But…building DEMAND is different than hustling for clients. It’s the long game. It’s compound interest for your business…

And, importantly, it gives YOU to your spouse.

See, if clients show up unannounced, seemingly, out of nowhere, and show up often, you get this feeling of peace and confidence.

Attention moves from “where do I get the next client” to other, more important things in life.

Trust me, your better half will notice.




photo courtesy of: Rebecca Watts

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