The two-step marketing success system that never fails

Ever get tired of “the next big thing” that’s GUARANTEED to get clients rushing to your door?
More importantly, as you’ve chased one, after another, after another *new answers*, have you seen results?

Of course not…or you wouldn’t chase the next thing.

Today, and the rest of this week, I’m going to simplify your client-getting life.

See, there are really just a few things you must focus on if you want a healthy stream of new clients every week/month/year.

And these few things don’t change. Like wisdom, they are timeless.

The very first thing to know is the two-step process for getting clients that has never yet failed…

The first part…

Open doors. Don’t focus on making the sale right away (though that will happen, if you open enough doors).

Just open lots of doors to new client relationships.

No pressure, just open the door.

Most entrepreneurs get stuck right here. They try to focus on opening doors with prospects that are ready to buy.

If you talked to 100 prospects today, maybe 2 or 3 are ready TODAY.

The rest are ignored, thrown in the garbage to rot.

But there’s gold hidden below the surface for the uncommon entrepreneur.

The uncommon entrepreneur goes further…opens the door and…


Or, better said, builds a system, a platform to follow-up…forever.

As the old sales guy in the corner likes to say, “Until they buy or die.”

You don’t need 50 pieces to your marketing system.

You need two.

Open doors and follow-up.

That’s it.

Tomorrow…I’ll vastly simplify “opening doors” for you.

Stay tuned…




photo courtesy of: Ivan Forsman

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