The two most important objections to my arguments

Yesterday, I said that “demonstration”…the act of publicly revealing what you do to your future clients is the shortcut to building trust.
Now…here’s why you won’t:

1. It’s too much work.

Schlepping yourself out in front of your audience takes effort. And you’re too busy *doing the work* to demonstrate what you do to your next client.

(Cold calling takes effort. Applying for unemployment takes effort. Some efforts are more desirable than others. You get to pick.)

2. Your competitors will steal your ideas.

Yes, that’s possible. Good thing we built a moat made of “effort” (See #1) around your demonstration. Chances of ever being copied, slim and none.

And the rewards are immense.

This is my daily demonstration for you. My in-depth, monthly, private demonstration is here.

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photo, originally in color, courtesy of: Dineshraj Goomany

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