The three building blocks of a business that grows itself

Yesterday, I shared the notion of a business that is built, intentionally, to grow itself.
Where the friction is removed.

Growth is based on systems-strength, not brute force or individual talent.

It’s closer for you, than you think…

There are just three building blocks to acquire:

1. Client Attraction/Prospecting System

2. Trust Building System

3. Conversion System

Most focus on #1. Everything’s about the attraction.

Understandable, it’s the most difficult of the three. And the other two depend upon it.

But a business without any one of the three cannot grow itself.

All must be developed…installed…in your business.

There are 1000 ways to build a client attraction system. I recommend the one described in this interview.

But a client attraction system without trust building built-in, as system-strength, is a recipe for a hamster wheel life. You’ll always need the NEXT lead, ‘cause you’ve got no way to “accumulate prospects.”

It can be done in 90-minutes a month…the plan is in here.

And both of those, without a system to automatically filter and qualify leads, pre-sell them before the sales meeting, and close them without closing, means you’ll have lots of nice relationships and an empty bank account.

You need all three.

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photo, originally in color, courtesy of: A. Drauglis

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