The single most important business idea I ever discovered

I want to share one idea with you, that has, over the last decade, transformed my business and my life.
I learned this from a mentor, a friend, who died yesterday.

He never “taught” this idea, but I watched him live it and before I witnessed it, I never knew it could be done.

He was a highly-successful entrepreneur. Taking a business from almost nothing when he bought it, to many tens of millions in revenue.

Like most of us, he was DRIVEN. Putting tremendous focus, energy and time into building the business.

The day I was first introduced to him, the day he gave me this lesson, he wasn’t actually there…

It was at a mastermind meeting—10 CEOs, all of us in a room, I was the new guy—and HE was absent.

That was the lesson.

On a break the leader shared that my soon-to-be mentor was on a boat, somewhere between Florida and the Bahamas, with his wife and kids.

He’d decided months earlier that the kids would only be young enough for a few more years, so…

He’d worked for those several months to re-engineer the business to remove himself…so he could make the extended trip.

I’d never before witnessed a business owner escape.

The rest of us in that room that day were trapped in a prison…one in which we’d installed the bars and the barbed-wire and hired the guards ourselves.

From that point forward, everything changed for me.

I’m happy to report, I learned the lesson. I’ve engineered my business to support my life, rather than giving my life to support the business.

It is a choice. Choose wisely.

Back to regularly scheduled programming tomorrow—as promised, the #1 barrier to systems-based selling.



photo courtesy of: Howard Brier

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