The silver bullet for getting clients, nobody’s talking about

NOBODY likes this answer…

But it is the secret…

You need it because of math…

Studies have shown that 2-3% of your prospects are ready to buy from you right now.

That’s not many.

Maybe a few more could be convinced to buy now.

Another 30% are open to the idea, but not actively looking to buy what you’re selling right now.

The rest (the remaining 60% of your market) aren’t open to it or are adamant that they don’t need what you’ve got.

So for every 100 you talk to, 3 to maybe 10 could be convinced to become your client TODAY.

Thirty more will likely buy from somebody, sometime in the future.


Exactly where no one is looking.

Everybody beats themselves over the head to win the 2 or 3 or 10 out of every 100 prospects who are buying today. We slash prices, concede important things and generally act like carnival hucksters to get more of that group.


Because few have a system and process to grab the 30 who won’t buy today…but will buy SOON.


The SECRET to stable growth, escaping feast or famine revenue swings and never again wondering from where or when the next client is coming is to create a bank…

A bank of future clients…

What I call, The Never-Ending Platform™.

A machine, if you will, that creates clients on demand.

Earlier this year we published a “blueprint” for increasing demand for your business

…to get clients fast.

…to dramatically increase prices.

…to do it all, without heavy-handed “selling”.

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