The seldom used, foolproof method for converting the best clients

Today is part 3 in our conversation about attracting and converting IDEAL clients. (If you’re catching up, start here then read this).
So let’s talk about convertin’ prospects to clients.

I’ve got a super secret 10 word script…

(Just kidding.)

There is a secret to converting clients. I had a lengthy conversation with former client, Andrew Percey, and Kenny Goodman on this topic yesterday, for their Magnetic Consultant podcast (I’ll send you a link when the interview is live in a few weeks.)

Kenny ruthlessly grilled me on my own follow-up process…here’s what’s involved:

1. This daily email. Quick 30-second a day touch on you and a few thousand of our friends.

2. Various direct mail “stuff”…cards and gifts to our clients and customers.

3. My premium newsletter—The Unstoppable CEO™ CONFIDENTIAL, sent monthly to subscribers.

At the end of the grilling Kenny said…”So you’re basically in your IDEAL prospects’ life all the time.”

So there it is…the big secret revealed.

After a time, if you’re consistent, you will outlast and eliminate all competition…all concern over price…all resistance to buying…any need to “sell.”

Now, YOU don’t have to show up every day to create off-the-charts results. Once a month will work fantastically well. Weekly, better. And daily, when done right can transform your business.

Pick the frequency that you’ll sustain. Then sustain it.




photo courtesy of: Victor Camilo

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