The Prospecting Panacea

Short on prospects?
Find “prospecting” a challenge?

Well, step right up…

I’ve got a magical cure-all for poor prospecting…

Choose the right market (group of people, prospects, list…IDEAL client)!

This is at least 80% of the battle.

I see all kinds of businesses and they’re in every conceivable place in terms of their success at attracting clients.

Here’s the #1 indicator that exists in the successful ones…

They’ve picked a great market.

One with a real need, and a desire to fulfill the need (you must have both…lots of markets have a need, but not all want to fix it).

And the ones that struggle…they’ve got a common indicator, too…

They have not proactively CHOSEN who is an IDEAL client and who IS NOT.

If you’ve got a prospecting problem, then pick a better market of prospects.


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