The hidden lesson inside the worst marketing advice I ever got

When I was a younger lad…just before I took over as CEO of my first firm, I got some advice from the founder.
He said…”It takes us five years to get a client, so you better get started now.”


He was serious.

It DID take five years to get a million-dollar client.

But it didn’t have to.

It took so long because we never created good reasons to be in touch with future clients.

We’d see them here and there.

And over the course of five years, sure, we’d see them enough to build some trust and push ‘em over the edge.


I’m still embarrassed that I believed it…thankfully not for long.

Building trust in ANY relationship (assuming your dealings are with integrity) really comes down to two things…

Frequency and value.

Value makes ‘em pay attention to you.

Frequent, consistently valuable interactions build trust.

If you “engineer” those two things, you won’t need five years.

Tomorrow, we’ll talk about how to create value without “giving away the milk for free.”




photo courtesy of: stanhua

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