The golden thread between productivity, working less and more clients

OK Captain Obvious…there’s a direct link between productivity, working fewer hours and attracting more clients.
And you’re thinking…”DUH!”

Stay with me.

Yes, it’s obvious if you’re more productive, you should have more business and theoretically be able to work less.

Based on my overflowing inbox this week, a good number of you are looking for the answer to all three of these puzzles.

Luckily for you, I have the answer.

And it’s ever so simple.

One word…


And damn, is it hard to do!

But there it is. That’s the secret.

It’s the very first thing I begin every client engagement with…

“Who’s the IDEAL client we’re trying to attract?”

And I push hard to go NARROW and FOCUS.

‘Cause narrow focus, simplifies your life.

Removes the clutter.

Cuts your to-do list.

Drives faster results.

Creates power.

It is a growth lever.

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