The fundamental flaw in your funnel

If you read much marketing and sales advice online lately there’s much ado about “funnels.”
“They” say…

You need a rapidly consumable “ethical bribe” as a first step.

Then a “trip-wire” offer to ferret out the buyers.

Then an upsell to your core offer.

If they don’t take that, then a webinar to sell again.

And on and on…

Don’t get me wrong, funnels can and do work. But only IF they’re built with the purpose of growing trust at each level of commitment.

Most fail at this.

It’s not the “funnel” process that’s flawed, it’s the intent in the execution, which usually sounds like “but WAIT…there’s more!”

Most of what’s flying around out there now leans more heavily on scarcity than trust…hitting you over the head with your own fear of missing out on something great.

Yes, that makes for good funnel stats and lots of initial sales.

But I’ve yet to see it create long-term, highly valuable clients.


‘Cause while you can sell without trust, you can’t *keep* selling without trust.

I’ll be talking in depth about how to engineer trust (online and offline) in the next issue of The Unstoppable CEO™ CONFIDENTIAL.




photo, originally in color, courtesy of: muffinn

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