The Free Consultation Fallacy

A well known dentist in my town has stepped up his advertising lately. His compelling call to action…

“Come in for a free consultation.”

Sounds exciting. A free consultation with a dentist.

(or an attorney, or accountant, or architect, or engineer, or consultant, or coach…you get the idea)

Who wants to sign up for a free consultation for anything?

What will you be consulted about?

Is there any benefit for you?

Will you discover something you didn’t know before…and is that “something” worth the trouble?

There are a few (very few) professions for which the term “free consultation” is a regulatory requirement.

For everyone else using them…why?

Why handicap yourself?

Why make your prospects *infer* a benefit?

Why make them wonder what will happen during this free consultation?

Is there a point to the mystery?

Instead, why not do the work for them…connect the dots from consult to tangible benefit, reveal the process you’ll use to make the consult magical, and by all means, STOP calling it a consultation!

Dull, dull, dull.

When designing selling systems for clients we use a process we call The Ultimate High-Ticket Sales Process™ to create “consultations” prospects actually want to attend. Some even pay for the privilege.

It’s one of the Five Essential Systems for Effortless Growth that I’ll be sharing on Wednesday’s webinar.

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photo, originally in color, courtesy of: Conor Lawless

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