The fastest way to succeed if you want clients

It seems like most of the people I speak to assume that having success in getting clients takes a long time.
I guess for most, it does, but…

…it doesn’t have to.

I used to say there are shortcuts, but that’s not really right. Shortcuts don’t usually lead to success.

They’re shallow and soft…like building your business in the sand.

Don’t look for a shortcut, remove the roadblocks in your current path.

Patrick, one of our Elite clients, discovered this secret just this week.

He’d been struggling to get referrals to good clients, even though he’s got such an amazingly good solution, prospects are nuts if they say no.

(Ever feel that way yourself?)

This week, he sent his brand new Referral Kit™ to a center of influence…the guy read it and wrote back, asking if Patrick would come down and brief a roomful of other influencers…

Patrick’s on the same path as before. He’s always wanted to be a trusted resource for these valuable referral sources, but there were roadblocks…

He was too hard to refer.

They didn’t understand what he did.

They didn’t have an easy way to insert him into their process.

Then Patrick found our process and created a Referral Kit™…and right out of the gate…the very first time he used it, he MULTIPLIED his referral base 10-times.

It wasn’t hard.

It didn’t take a long time.

It just works.

If you’d like to go deeper and see a complete system, like Patrick’s for attracting clients, check out our latest masterclass “How to get clients without spending a dime on advertising.” We’ve got some presentation times coming up. You can grab a spot (free) now…

Photo, originally in color, courtesy of: Abhimanyu

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