The Best Professional Services Firm Marketing Tools of the Year

We’re wrapping up our best year ever and I’ve looked back and realized we’ve published four free tools you may have missed. Each of these is designed to help you get more clients.
Now, just in case you missed them, they’re all right here for you…

#1. The Lead Generation Calculator

Ever wondered how many leads you need to generate to hit your revenue goals? Answer a couple of simple questions and this little calculator will tell you.

#2. The Email Newsletter Formula (template)

Our clients have told us over the years, that one of the most difficult and confusing things for them is figuring out what to say in their email newsletter each week or each month. I’ve written several thousand marketing emails at this point. In the process, I’ve found there’s a formula to writing emails that get a response from prospects. As we do in all of our consulting programs, we take complex, confusing things and turn them into clear, easy to use tools. This one will help you keep your 2017 newsletter resolution

#3. The Referral Partner Script

In my book I share a really easy way to turn your network into partners, then into “promoters.” You do it with what I call, “The Johnny Carson Method” (see Chapter 9). If you’re unsure how to get a referral partner to say “yes” to The Johnny Carson Method, use this script.

#4. The Referral Mindset Scorecard

I’m most proud of this tool. We’ve looked at the thinking and attitudes of our most successful clients and contrasted that to entrepreneurs who tend to struggle getting leads and referrals.

We’ve identified eight “mindsets” or ways categories of thinking. And for each, we’ve documented how top performers think.

Now, here’s the really good news… We noticed that when a new client comes on board with us, they often score in the 4, 5 or 6 range in most of the 8 dimensions. After a few months, their thinking expands, and they grow to the 10, 11 or 12 range (the range of top performers).

It’s amazing to watch.

This is the perfect time to download this scorecard, at the beginning of the new year. Honestly, note where you think you are right now. Then in the “Score Next” column, right the score you’d like to have in 12 months.

Just like that, you’ve set your growth path for 2017.

Get these tools now, and supercharge your start in 2017!

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