Real Success Stories From
Real Firm Owners

How Patrick broke into a new market and insured a $100 million deal with Audi.

"I used the ‘lead qualification conversation’ you shared with me and IT WORKED! I got a new client, and was able to charge more than I normally charge. Feeling good about how this works!”
Henna Inam
Author & Executive Coach to the Fortune 500

How John went from flat-line growth to "more clients than he can handle."

"I’m a real estate broker and auctioneer working with probate attorneys. I’ve started relationships with 38 attorneys using Steve’s guidance. I have made about $20,000 so far from these attorney meetings and got a call from someone who remembered our lunch when her client needed my services...I won the business over the client’s family member who is a competitor. Steve’s approach to attracting clients really works!”
Terry Hunter
Hunter-Broker, Fine Homes | Auctions, San Clemente, California

How a 35+ year industry-leading producer continually improves.

"I’m very picky about the information I let into my world. It’s really easy to get overwhelmed. Steve’s ideas are powerful…he’s changed my thinking about how to sell at premium fees and do it in an authoritative way. Steve shares specific, practical, strategies, not just fluff. This will get you thinking about the right things to get the sale and get it with authority, without feeling salesy."
Jeff Coleman
CEO, Factor Four Consulting