Systems-based Selling Secrets

Most businesses operate as if they’re a carnival carousel that never stops…
Round and round they go…

You can jump on any time you like, Mr. Client.

No rush, no urgency.

No reason to act now or later.

You’re always there, always available.

Convenient and friendly approach it is.

Helpful in getting clients to make buying decisions…

Not so much.

Not without YOU applying sales pressure.

Bad idea.

Better to engineer the system to apply the pressure.

To force the decision to buy now or not.

Choose, Mr. Client, in or out, ‘cause the horn blared, the ride’s starting up again in 10-seconds…decide.

Tomorrow, we’ll continue…and I’ll share the #1 roadblock to systems-based selling.

Stay tuned!



photo courtesy of: Leonardo Angelini

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