The Success System That Never Fails

That’s the title of W. Clement Stone’s 1962 classic of personal development. If you’ve not read it, get a copy…it’s on Amazon.

Stone founded and built the goliath Combined Insurance Company of America in 1922 with an investment of $100.

In the book, Stone lays out the secret to his business success. And he points out that, at the time he began Combined Insurance, he had a long list of competitors.

By 1962, when he wrote the book, virtually all of those original competitors were gone.

So, what was the secret to Stone’s success?

It’s right there in the title…

He had a “success system.”

More specifically, he had a SELLING SYSTEM.

If you read the book, you’ll find numerous references to his system for selling insurance. First, used personally by Stone. Later, delivered by his trained sales force.

Stone credits his “selling system” for allowing him “to sell more policies in a week than salesmen without a system sold in months.”

He describes his schedule…first appointment at 9:00am and focused activity all morning. Then a light lunch and a 30-minute nap before starting again, fresh…focused work through the afternoon until 5:00pm or 5:30pm.

A proven system + focused action = bigger results in less time.

If you have a system that works for you like Stone did, fantastic. Work the system.

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photo courtesy of: Thomas Claveirole

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