Simple “tricks” to get VIPs to open your emails (every time)

Do you have trouble getting VIPs to open and read your emails?

If you do, don’t worry. You’re not alone.

Email is fast and nearly 100% free. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy.

In fact, it’s harder than ever to connect with busy people – especially VIPs – using email.

The good news is I have a solution. And a few “tricks” that can help you cut through the clutter.

Tomorrow, my friend John Corcoran – who worked as a Writer in the Clinton White House so the man clearly knows how to write – is going to share some of these tricks during a free webinar he is holding just for my subscribers on “How to “Cold Email” any VIP.”

You can sign up here:

On this free webinar, you’ll learn:

[+] The 5 things you MUST do if you want your emails to be opened, read and responded to by VIPs you admire.
[+] How to go from getting your email opened to building a genuine relationship.
[+] How to go from a genuine relationship to building your income based on these relationships with VIPs.
[+] John will also share 5 of his best email templates you can use to connect with the VIPs you want to build relationships with.

John has received some great feedback for his webinars:

“I thought the webinar was very good.” — Jeff

“You come across very clear, authentic, and knowledgeable. Information is awesome.”
— attendee of webinar in September 2014

“Really enjoyed the webinar tonight. Thanks for the invite and the valuable information. Good to connect with you.” — Keith Clarke, @LifeCoachX, February 2015

Here’s that free signup link again:

P.S.: There will be a recording, but you need to register to get sent it.




photo courtesy of: Maria Elena

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