The sad truth about referrals left on the table

While working with a client and his sales team yesterday, the client made a comment…

“We’re only getting referrals when our customers want to bring someone to us.”

What he really said there is, “We don’t get any referrals on our own.”

In that moment he recognized a profound loss of opportunity…all the referrals, all the new clients, all the new revenue he *could* have…

…is waiting for him…

…but for the fact that he and his team have no process for getting referrals.

No way to make it happen, so they just sit back and hope.

When they do, and when you do, two bad things happen.

You lose…and the future client you never get, loses.

Sad really.

Now, I have a referral for you…’cause I don’t want to be responsible for you losing out.

The referral…to my friend John Corcoran’s webinar tomorrow—Wednesday, October 14th:

How to Build Relationships with Influencers and VIPs on “Autopilot” and Create Exponential Revenue Growth in Your Business

==> Register here

Why do I think this webinar is important?

Simple. If you’re building out your Unstoppable Referrals System, you’re going to need to develop what I call “Promoters”—think referral partners, plussed.

And, John’s got a way to open those relationships, and automate the caring for those relationships (while keeping them human), that’s better than any I’ve seen. In fact, I use it.

==> Join in tomorrow




photo, originally in color, courtesy of: Andy McLemore

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