Reverse engineering your next sale

Maybe this article should be called “the double secret probation backwards method of getting clients”…either way, let’s look at the typical approach to getting a client.

You think…I need a client!

So you start looking for prospects.

You find one (usually any one will do).

You tell them what you do.

They say, “That’s nice.”

Then…no sale.

But WHY??

(I actually witnessed this happen to a guy at an event recently…he tried valiantly to get his would be prospect to bite, but he never stood a chance!)

So what should we do instead?

Let’s start at the end of the line…

“I want a client!”

Then ask… “What has to happen before someone becomes my client?”


“Well, we need to do a proposal and they need to sign it.”

Ok…what’s got to happen before that?

“We need to meet with them to find out what they need.”

Ok…and before that?

“They need to know they have a problem and that we can solve it.”

And so on…

Follow the trail all the way back to the beginning. Then get your very first piece of marketing to get them over hurdle #1.

Maybe it’s to read/watch/listen to your Referral Kit™.

Focus on getting THAT to happen. Then on getting the next thing to happen, and the one after that.

Pretty soon, the sale will take care of itself.

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photo, originally in color, courtesy of: Gerry Lauzon

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