How do you rank in these 8 "mindsets" of top referral marketers?

You may be surprised by your results...

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I’ve been working for several months to understand what makes some “hyper-referrable,” while others struggle to get referrals.

See, we understand the mechanics of creating lots of referrals. I wrote about the in Unstoppable Referrals, my bestselling book.

But since I released the book, I’ve personally worked with dozens of CEOs, professionals, and firm leaders on referrals.

The mechanics are a matter of formula.

So why are some more successful at attracting huge numbers of referrals…?

What I’ve discovered is that there are eight “mindsets” present in those that are generating more referrals than they’ll ever need.

And, there are a set of common mindsets in people who are at various levels of referral success.

I’ve boiled these eight “ways of thinking” down into a simple scorecard…

So, I invite you to download the scorecard and see where you stand today.

And, then you can see what areas you might need to expand your thinking. That’s the really encouraging news in all of this…

We’ve watched as our clients come in with a lower referral mindset, and during the course of our work together, they really expand their vision…

…and grow into masters at attracting referrals.

These mindset shifts are the difference between average referral flow and having all the referred leads you’ll ever need.

So, download the scorecard now and see where you stand. Then decide where you want to be in 12-months.

I want the course...

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