Why referrals make people uncomfortable

Ever wonder why referrals make people uncomfortable?

Yesterday, I shared results from our research…762 business owners say asking for referrals makes them feel uncomfortable.

Like they’re taking something from a valuable relationship.

It’s counter to what they know they *should* be doing with their client relationships…


So how do you add value AND get referred?

How do you do it so that your clients will feel like you just made THEM a hero to the people they refer?

And, how do you do it, so all those brand new referred prospects instantly trust you…feel like you’re on their side, working in their best interest?

I laid out the solution in my book “Unstoppable Referrals”, but if you’d like the condensed version, jump on our newly updated webinar and I’ll walk you through it in about an hour.

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photo, originally in color, courtesy of: asenat29


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