Where should I send your copy of the referral partner interview "script"?

Use this simple script to give massive value to referral partners, and get them primed to help you...

I want the course...

This is the exact script I use in emails, in person, and on the phone to get referral partners to say "YES" to doing an interview.

Once you interview them, you've started training your partners in how to powerfully share you with everyone in their database.

This one little "trick" will help you build referral relationships that go beyond a cup of coffee and some nice intentions...

You'll quickly get opportunities for landing 20, or 50, or 100 referrals in a single month.


"Steve's approach is now the cornerstone of my strategy, and I can tell you that it works so well. To every business owner I would say - stop thinking if you should dive into Steve's Unstoppable Referrals world, just do it! It will be a game changer for you too!"

John Murphy

John Murphy International

I want the course...

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