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Thanks for buying Unstoppable Referrals! This page is filled with tools, templates, examples and even a free video to help you get the most out of your referral marketing.


Stay Unstoppable!

The Referrability Assessment

Read Chapter 1, then go through this quick assessment to learn how referrable you really are!


5-Part Promoter Selection Checklist

Use this checklist to evaluate every new Promoter BEFORE you start a referral relationship with them!


4-Part Testimonial Formula

This is by far the simplest, most effective way to gather testimonials!


Endorsed Mailing Template

Use this template as a starter to create your endorsed mailing letter.


Sample Referral Kits

My original referral kit – Special Report: 7 Deadly Marketing Sins That Will Kill Your Business

A niche specific referral kit (specifically targeted to Infusionsoft users) I used to snag a “whale” client – The Ultimate Guide to Infusionsoft Tags

The 3-part referral kit used by my client John Curry and covered in the book…

John’s kit includes his book, a DVD of an interview he did on a local TV station and a retirement “scorecard”–a self assessment referred prospects can use to discover how their current retirement plan stacks up.

The Power of Voice: An Audio CD Referral Kit Used by a Construction Company

Not everyone wants to write a book (although you should get one written…you don’t necessarily need to write it yourself), a great alternative format for your referral kit is an interview, placed onto an audio CD. Here’s an example from my client McInnis Builders.

Become an Instant Authority With Your Very Own Book (even if it’s short)

This powerful little book generated 29 referrals in 3-weeks for financial advisor Allan Phillips. Nothing attracts clients better than being introduced as “The guy or gal who wrote the book on ______!”

My Recommended Referral Resources

These are the tools I recommend to members of my Private Client Group. Each one is designed to help you automate your referral marketing as much as possible, while still maintaining a human touch.

Marketing automation and email marketing (recommended) – I’ve used most of the major marketing automation players and recommend both ConvertKit and Hubspot. ConvertKit has a ton of power (and is the tool we currently use). It’s got some of the easiest to use and most robust marketing automation features available. You can get a free trial of ConvertKit and take it for a spin.

So why pay more for Hubspot (and it’s often much more)? In a word…integration. Hubspot will handle your email marketing/marketing automation, host your website, and act as your CRM (and a very good one). And everything just works together out of the box. You pay for that convenience. Hubspot also offers a free trial of some of its products here.

Email marketing (on a budget) – We used to recommend MailChimp as the budget alternative. It’s a great system, but has some constraints. If all you ever want to do is send an email newsletter, and you’re not likely to implement automation it’s a good solution. However, if you think you’d like to eventually move into marketing automation, ConvertKit is affordable and robust.

Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) – We currently use Nimble’s simple to use, does lots of the work of entering contact data for you and has all the features most people need.

Note: Some of the companies recommended above pay me a small commission if you choose to use their service. I’ve carefully selected services I use now or have used in the past. But, if you’d prefer not to use the affiliate links, Google them and sign up directly. As with all things in business (and life) the tools that are appropriate for our business may not be appropriate for you and your business. Do your own due diligence.