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Just think back to the last client where you really did a good job.

Did you get a referral?

If the client was happy, why didn’t they send more business your way?

Did you have to wade into those uncomfortable waters (that every business owner hates) and actually ASK for a referral?

That’s awkward and uncomfortable.

And it always takes something away from the relationship with your client no matter how you phrase the question.

You know that all of the social dynamic I describe exists and is real. And you know that when you ask a client to give you a referral or make an introduction, you place them in a difficult and uncomfortable position.

So you, and millions of business people like you, avoid the situation altogether and simply allow the referrals to happen or not, without your intervention.

Hey…you’re not alone.

For his book The Referral Engine, John Jantsch polled several thousand business owners.

Here’s what he found:

63% said they get more than half of their new business from referrals

But, here’s the scary part…

79.9% said they have no process for getting referrals.

So 8 out of 10 business people are avoiding the referral issue and are just “hoping” those referrals arrive.

So what’s the answer?

In referral marketing for professional services the answer is simple…remove the sales pressure and all of the risk for the person making the referral by removing the sales meeting.

We've put together a free 6-part training to show you how to do just that. It's specifically forprofessional service practitioners that believe they could be getting more referrals.

Join the course now and discover how to remove all the pressure from referrals and almost instantly see dramatic results.

What You Get...

Lesson 1: The Real Reason You're Not Getting All The Referrals You Should

Lesson 2: Are You Referrable? Discover the three ways to become highly referrable.

Lesson 3: Do I Trust You? How The Standard Approach to Referrals Kills Trust and a Simple Way to Stand Become the Most Trusted Business in Your Market

Lesson 4: Why You're Not Easy to Refer and What to do About It

Bonus #1: How to Create a Referral System Without Feeling "Salesy"

Bonus #2: How to Build a Business That Grows Itself

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I want the course...

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