Are your referral conversations missing this piece?

Over the weekend, I was asked by a friend to refer him to several others.

He did a lot right in our conversation:

He was specific…I didn’t have to do his prospecting for him. He knew exactly who he wanted to be introduced to…Plus 1!

He tried to explain how I should make the intro…again, on the right track.

But, like a football team that drives 99 yards, just to be stymied at the 1-yard line, he failed to do the most important piece…

He didn’t remove my risk…

Risk of him not performing.

Risk of damage to my reputation.

Risk of offending my contacts if I push too hard for a meeting with my friend.

Risk is the single biggest reason your referrals are clogged up.

Remove the risk and referrals will, almost instantly, begin flowing.

In fact, I’ll wager, that you’ve got “pent up” referrals. Referrals ready to be given to you, new clients, waiting to be introduced to you, if only, you’d make it easier—less risky—for your clients and partners.

Wednesday, I’m teaching a free webinar that will show you how to eliminate the risk your clients feel when you ask for a referral.

This new, revamped webinar, is a popular one…it’s already set to be one of our most well attended.

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photo courtesy of: Cliff


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