Re: Your progress

We have the advantage of talking with a lot of business owners every month—both clients and others.

Among the ones who are making fast progress, they all have three things in common…

#1. They focus on good enough, not perfect. Perfect is an illusion, “good enough” is good enough to give you the results you want most of the time.

#2. They seek guides to show them the shorter route. They’re not seeking tricks, but real, strategic, speed and simplification. Most underestimate the power of this advantage.

#3. They take full responsibility for their own success and progress. Guides help, they accelerate progress, but the successful owners never abdicate ownership of the ultimate outcome they want, to anyone.

I used to think this was all common sense, but I don’t commonly see all three characteristics applied.

So today, if you’re getting great results, are you applying all three approaches? Reply, I’d love to hear your take.

If you’re not getting the clients you want right now, you’re not doomed. These “success principles” are simply decisions. You get to decide to use them, or not.

If you’re ready to start getting more clients, and get them consistently, month-in and month-out, we might be the guide you’re looking for. To find out, we’ve got a few times available to speak with new clients. Grab yours here…


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