Zvi Band | Discovering the Power of Your Network

The #1 asset you have is your network of relationships, yet for many people, it’s the most neglected asset in your business. In this interview with Zvi Band–CEO of Contactually–you’ll discover how to overcome the #1 barrier to increasing the value of your network…

Following up consistently.

There are really three reasons you might not be following up as well as you should…

  1. Your contact database isn’t well organized (you’re not alone, don’t sweat it).
  2. You don’t know what to say when you want to follow-up.
  3. You forget to follow-up with people and go months or years without reaching out.

In this interview, Zvi shares his secrets for handling all three, and how he uses Contactually to keep track of it all.

Plus, he shares how he deals with the emotional highs and lows of founding and growing a startup.

I love his perspective on this, and I guarantee it will help you stay focused on what to do next, no matter where you are on the growth curve.


00:13 Steve introduces Zvi Band, founder, and CEO of Contactually, a relationship, and marketing platform.

01:30 Zvi tells us how he started off in business and how he grew out of being introverted.

05:30 Zvi talking about emotions in the workplace and how perseverance is vital in dealing with the highs and lows of business.

07:34 Steve gives us his own perspective on dealing with emotions in his business, which is slightly different to how Zvi does it.

11:00 Zvi explains his employees became more engaged with the company when he was open and shared the issues with them that the company was facing.

12:57 Zvi talks about how fundraising is the toughest part of his business, having been turned down over 300 times!

16:06 Zvi talks about understanding free will and the ability to know that you can walk away from anything.

19:34 Zvi tells us what the core of Contactually is, keeping and building relationships and how they do this.

27:17 Zvi tells us some of the success stories of his clients, how GCI increases by 40% on average using Contactually.

31:35 Zvi talks about the issues of using too much technology- when it removes you too much from your message.

34:18 Zvi tells us how to get in touch with him.

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