Jeremy Weisz | No More Trading Time for Dollars

As a professional service provider – graphic designer, consultant, accountant, doctor, etc. – if you’re not one-on-one with a client or client project…you’re not making money, right? It doesn’t have to be that way, says my guest this week, Dr. Jeremy Weisz. He wants to help you stop trading time for dollars and multiply your revenues as a result.

His method for doing could be a big mindset shift for you. But Jeremy specializes in helping folks save time, money, and energy, as they work less but make more money. So it’s worth hearing him out.

Listen to the episode to discover…

  • How to implement a “one to many” lead generation system
  • The best way to leverage your email list – and how you could sabotaging it right now
  • Ways to segment your day for maximum productivity
  • Why trying to be perfect shouldn’t stop you from doing something good…. and building on it
  • How to get clarity on your vision – and follow through
  • Where to find the innovation you need for your business – it’s probably outside your industry


00:12 This week Steve interviews Jeremy Weisz, the co-founder of and The Inspirer Inside podcast.

01:40 Jeremy begins by telling us it was due to his father’s neck pain that he became a chiropractor.

12:09 Jeremy talks about the importance of just getting started working rather than procrastinate to try and make it perfect.

14:10 Jeremy tells us how he manages to balance life working multiple companies and having a young family. Segmenting his day and no sleep!

18:12 Jeremy uses Enounce to get through his information faster.

22:18 Steve explains that he doesn’t believe that you can’t achieve 100% balance in one’s life.

25:37 Jeremy states his business practices including 1-2-1, Email Links and automated Responders and the client who gained $200,000 worth of business in a week.

32:30 Steve explains that you don’t need a 1,000 clients to make a lot of money.

35:37 Jeremy talks about reframing negativity and “The big bag of money problem”.

38:26 Jeremy believes that you can’t over educate people and explains about pricing services.

42:33 Jeremy gives us tips on client relationships in order to gain the information you need.

44:25 Jeremy tells us what he’s reading.

47:19 Steve tells us what he’s reading.

50:09 Jeremy tells us how to get into contact with him.

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