Tom Kulzer | When “Losing Control” Is a Good Thing for Your Business


Marketing automation is a buzzword these days. But, says AWeber founder and CEO Tom Kulzer, a lot of companies are going about it all wrong.

He should know. Aweber has been a pioneer in this field, along with email marketing, for its 20-year history. Its 120,000+ customers send out 4.5 billion emails every month.

Tom shares some best practices, as well as how he overcame the challenges that come with going from one-man shop to 120 employees. One of his biggest tips for CEOs: be in charge but don’t be in control.

During our conversation he explains what that means and goes into…

  • Why you should never be the smartest person in the room
  • How ego can sabotage your company and its growth
  • The alternative to “trial and error” for solving problems
  • The #1 thing companies get wrong about marketing automation
  • A simple trick for writing more engaging emails that get opens and clicks
  • And more…

Listen now to Steve Gordon and Tom Kulzer...

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