Manuel Astruc | The Four Pillars for Practicing Happiness

Our guest on this week’s episode of the Unstoppable CEO Podcast is Manuel Astruc. Manuel is a Board Certified Psychiatrist with over 20 years of experience running a private practice in the addictions field and serving as the medical director of Saratoga County Alcohol and Substance Abuse Services. He also coaches entrepreneurs who are facing burnout, or who have realized that something has to change in their business, helping them to break cycles of self-sabotage and underperformance to shift toward growth and success. His ultimate goal is to integrate his coaching and mental health treatments to replace limiting beliefs with long-lasting paradigm shifts.

We chat with Manuel about overcoming his own battles with alcoholism and depression, as well as:

  • The big impact of his twin sister’s optimism, despite her own illness
  • The four pillars to practice to bring more happiness into your life
  • Ways we numb ourselves and the excuses we use to keep ourselves in the cycle 
  • The three things to remember when you or someone you love is going through hard times
  • And more

Mentioned in this episode:

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