The 2 Most Important Factors in Client Acquisition

The two biggest levers you can use when it comes to growth and marketing aren’t what most people think they are.

I’m going to share with you how to juice your growth by focusing on your offer and the economics of acquiring clients. Without these, any marketing tactic you employ will be ineffective.

Successful businesses are the ones that can align what they offer with what their clients actually want. Successful businesses are ones that truly understand the investment needed to deploy the marketing campaign necessary to acquire clients.

I’ve put together this episode to give you the answers to some of the following questions successful businesses have figured out:

  • How can I communicate my offer to clients in a really compelling way?
  • What are the economics I need to understand so that I can invest confidently in client acquisition?
  • When do I shift from referrals to paid media for greater client acquisition (and do I even need to)?
  • What are the marketing pitfalls I need to avoid?
  • And much more…

This is the episode you need to listen to if you are just starting up a marketing campaign, if you are ready to scale up client acquisition, or if your business has run out of organic growth. Money expands, time doesn’t.

Until next time, stay unstoppable.

You can listen here or watch on YouTube.


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