Steve Sims | How to Take on Big, Audacious Goals…with Style

Attitude and confidence - sometimes against all odds - have been the keys to the success of my guest this week. Steve Sims worked his way up from very humble beginnings to become an expert marketer in the luxury space and the founder of Blue Fish, a high-end personal concierge firm. Steve says there’s no such thing as failure - just lessons about what not to do next time and inspiration to move forward. Words any entrepreneur should live by.

He’s also come up with a way to make just about anything happen - even a wedding at the Vatican - by kicking difficult projects off their “pedestal” so he can see the steps necessary to make it work.

Listen to the conversation to find out…

  • A way to ask questions that are impossible to say “no” to (and make people happy to help you fulfill your vision)
  • How to demystify big, “scary” tasks or goals
  • Why you need to fire the “vampires” in your personal and professional circle right now
  • Practical ways to nurture the most productive relationships in your life
  • How pruning so-so or “bad” clients makes room for better ones


Listen now…



00:11 Steve introduces Steve Sims, the founder of Blue Fish, a top concierge service provider. He’s a man who knows how to get things!

01:51 Steve Sims starts by telling us about his rise from a bricklayer in England, to Hong Kong to being an A-list fixer.

06:36 Steve Sims explains how he became Unstoppable partly down to his father's view that there is no such thing as failure, it’s just feedback on what not to do.

08:50 Steve Gordon talks about how being an entrepreneur is like always living on the edge.

10:24 Steve Sims explains his thought process on how to pull off a wedding in the Vatican- he simply starts with a phone call.

18:50Steve Sims tells us about what he’s most excited about, including his other company and upcoming book.

22:19 Steve Sims tells us how to improve the people in your network. Get rid of them!

25:12 Steve Sims explains why and how best to rid bad people from your network.

26:48 Steve Gordon talks about having to “prune” his own clients and even friends.

29:08 Both Steve's explain how telling clients that you have released other clients improves their relationship with you.

31:31 Steve Sims tells us how best to get in contact with him.

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