Kim Walsh-Phillips | The Secret of the Social Media Cash Machine

You probably use social media in your business. It’s the thing to do these days, right? But you might also be frustrated because you don’t know if it’s actually bringing money in the door. There is a way to measure your ROI from Facebook, says today’s guest, Kim Walsh-Phillips, CEO of Elite Digital Group.

Kim explains how you can see direct results in leads, sales, and your bottom-line – by using direct response principles in social media. It’s very low-cost.

She also goes over the social media strategy she’s fine-tuned over the years and offers practical ways to implement them in your business at a very low cost.

You’ll also hear how Kim turned her business around – and started making real money – when she took back the power from her clients.

Check out the interview now to discover…

  • The trick to turning social media from “vanity project” to cash machine
  • A strategy for becoming super-confident when dealing with clients
  • Why publishing a book can raise your profile and transform your business
  • How many of your prospects are on Facebook right now – and how to reach them
  • Ways to create a profitable social media “funnel” on a low budget

Episode Timeline:

00:12 Steve introduces Kim Walsh Phillips, the CEO of Elite Digital Group and the person responsible for creating over a billion dollars of revenue for her clients.

02:05 Kim starts off by telling us how she started off in a business where she didn’t charge enough in the beginning.

08:25 Kim explains some very helpful points that she learned from turning her business around.

11:31 Kim tells us about her first book Awareness Campaigns Are Stupid. She also explains why having your own book is so important.

14:23 Kim tells us what she is most excited about in her business.

16:11 Kim tells us what she is most excited about in business.

20:20 Kim and Steve discuss the common misconception of how long it takes to get a return on your investment in marketing.

23:26 Steve tells us how he applied Kim’s FB strategy and ended up with thousands of more followers in just 3 days.

26:51 Kim gives us a fantastic FB work plan strategy link exclusively for The Unstoppable CEO listeners at

30:20 Kim explains that you should only concentrate on FB and LinkedIn for your business needs.

32:11 Kim tells us how best to get in contact with her.

Mentioned in this episode:

  • Elite Digital Group
  • No BS Direct Response
  • Free Training: How to Get 10,000 Facebook Fans in Less Than 72 Hours

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