Shannon & Bryan Miles | The Attitude You Need to Truly Own Your Business


The fastest growing workforce these days is a virtual one. And my guests Shannon and Bryan Miles were instrumental in that sea change in the world of work.

Employees working from home. Freelancers around the world being hired to collaborate on projects. Entrepreneurs starting “kitchen table” businesses and then hiring folks to work online as needed.

With their company, BELAY, Shannon and Bryan have pioneered many of the best practices in virtual work over the last eight years. Along the way, they’ve figured out how to grow their business without it controlling their lives.

Check out the conversation and discover…

  • The difference between running and owning a business
  • How to figure out the best ROI from an investment of your time
  • The 3 things you must do to empower others on your team
  • What should be the central theme of your company culture
  • Why mistakes aren’t a big deal – and how to handle them

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