Paul Maskill | From Business Operator to Business Owner

Sixty to 80 hour workweeks… no freedom… scrambling for every dollar. Like many business owners, Paul Maskill found himself working too hard for too little return, financial or personal.

Then he made key changes in how he ran his business so he could reduce his workload, boost profits, and live the true dream of an entrepreneur.

These days, Paul coaches other entrepreneurs to escape the grind by making the most efficient use of their time.

Check out our interview to find out…

  • The systems you need so that your business can survive without you
  • The easy way to start delegating
  • Tips for escaping the “this is how I’ve always done it” mindset
  • How to figure out your definition of freedom – and what you need to achieve it
  • And more

Episode TimeLine:

00:11 Today Steve speaks with Paul Maskill. An investor, coach and someone who actually sold his service business when it was profitable and made a profit!.

01:41 Paul sold his business, strangely when it was going well. He tells us his backstory which heavily features the financial crash.

05:51 Steve and Paul talk about how they both come to the decision of leaving their jobs to start a business.

07:50 Paul asks the question, how are you really spending your time?

13:50 Paul talks about creating a “Brain Dump” when trying to find what work to delegate and how he created training videos.

18:53 Steve explains how he uses training videos.

22:01 Paul explains how shifting your mindset is the most important aspect of moving from working in your company to becoming a CEO and delegating your work.

24:53 Paul explains how you have to know what your definition of freedom is.

27:29 Paul tells us how to get in touch with him and also about his mastermind.

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