Ed O’Keefe | Time Collapsing

Want to know how to leap ahead, compress time, and achieve your goals faster…? This interview with Ed O’Keefe will give you both the mindset and the practical steps to move faster and skip the “pay your dues” slow-lane that most people settle for. Ed’s the author of Time Collapsing! The New Art of Speed,

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Rick Hadrava | Building Your Business To Sell

I have yet to meet a business owner who’s not dreamed–with a twinkle in the eye–about the prospect of cashing out and collecting a BIG paycheck. But when you really look at most businesses, the firms just aren’t built to sell. Whether you’re seriously looking at an exit, or you’re decades away, today is the

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Justin Krane | Get Control of Your Money

One of my business mantras is “Cash ain’t cash, unless it’s cash…” I heard that from the late Red Scott. He was the CEO of Snapper Lawnmower and the CEO of Vistage Florida. His point is simple… Receivables “ain’t” cash. Your line of credit “ain’t” cash. Your brand “ain’t” cash. Cash is cash. Sometimes it’s

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