David Abrams | Going Slow to Achieve Long-Term Success

When you’re in start-up mode with a new business, especially one your boot-strapping yourself or with a few partners, it’s tempting to go all out: long hours, no time off, just work. But, shares Demio Co-Founder David Abrams, that’s actually a recipe for disaster. By slowing down, you can focus on your business and find

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Brennan Dunn | More Clients and Customers with Less Effort

As a freelancer or professional service provider you live and die by your clients. Problem is, you could be so immersed in the day-to-day work – and the rush to land new clients – that you aren’t really building a long-term, sustainable business. And you don’t have the chance to create a real plan for

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The Ultimate Guide to Developing Entrepreneurial Confidence

Something’s been really bothering me lately and until just a few weeks ago I couldn’t put my finger on it… I work with a wide range of business owners. Some with businesses in the multi-tens of millions of dollars in revenue. Others just starting and over the $100,000 mark. Some grow really fast, almost effortlessly.

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