Nathan Hirsch | Best Practices for Hiring and Working with Freelancers

Your business is growing steadily. But you’re stressed because you can’t handle the workload… and you’re hesitant to hire someone. My guest this week, founder Nathan Hirsch, specializes in helping entrepreneurs find the right team to take their company to the next level.

You’ll learn where to find the diamonds in the rough and avoid the horror stories that scared you away from hiring in the past. And, by the way, we’re not talking about full-time, in-office employees. This is outsourcing – but not like you’ve ever seen.

It’s time to get your hours back and focus on the parts of the business you love.

Listen to our conversation to find out how to…

  • Hire people who are more talented than you
  • Turn the weaknesses of your business into strengths
  • Avoid the #1 reason freelancers fail
  • Form productive working relationships with an outsourced team
  • Follow the 3 pillars of working effectively with remote workers
  • And more


00:11 Today Steve speaks with Nathan Hirsch, an entrepreneur, an expert in remote hiring and e-commerce and CEO of

01:23 Nathan needed more beer more in college so he started his first business in selling books online.

05:19 Nathan explains how he vets the people working on Freeeup.

06:47 Nathan explains scaling up and how when he didn’t hire people he got destroyed during a busy period.

08:55 Nathan talks about the motivating factors in getting the most out workers on his site.

11:15 Nathan explains his hiring process.

13:41 Nathan gives us some scenarios as to the different types of freelancers out there and how he works or will not work with them.

17:35 Nathan tells us how you can move your workload to hired help on Freeeup.

21:30 Nathan gives us an in-depth explanation of the Freeeup vetting process and how attitud and communication are the most important traits.

25:48 Nathan explains the difference between the traditional staff employee and having a freelance staff.

28:09 Nathan tells us how to start on Freeeup and how to get in contact with him and what is the average type of person who uses the site.

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