Mark Monchek | Building a Sustainable Business

Are you running your business consciously? Strange question, but a serious one. Too often I see entrepreneurs running crazy, yet all of the frenetic activity lacks consciousness and intentionality.

The result is usually a business that fails to serve the owner, the employees, and the customers as well as it could.

To the extent you can force yourself to make the “unconscious”, “conscious” you find that the right results come faster and easier…

You can cut out the clutter and nonsense.

In this interview, Mark Monchek will yank you into a conscious reality, and he’ll give you a roadmap for build a sustainable business…one that lasts.

In this interview you’ll discover:

  • How to build your “Opportunity Team”
  • How to tap into the skills, wisdom, and network of your Opportunity Team
  • The key qualities of the people you pick for your Opportunity Team (and one surprising quality)
  • The secret to scaling your business
  • What “appropriate scale” is and how to determine the appropriate scale for your business
  • How to create your own “Resource Map” to identify how to find your next customer

Here’s what I’d like you to do…invest just 36 minutes and 50 seconds in listening to what Mark shares in this interview. I guarantee it will make a difference in your business.


00:13 Steve introduces Mark Monchek, a man with a mission to empower conscious leaders to build great companies.

1:29 Mark tells us how he started off in business: how it was the psychology of entrepreneurs that first got him interested.

03:30 Mark tells us a personal story on how he got over almost losing his business …and almost losing his life!

06:53 Mark explains how he cultivates the “Opportunity Mindset” in his clients using 3 simple steps “Gratitude”, “Insight” & “Consultation”.

11:22 Steve asks Mark how he builds an “Opportunity Team” of advisers, internal and external.

13:43 Mark explains what to look for in individuals in building your team.

16:44 Mark explains what “Appropriate Scaling” is and how to use it in scaling your business.

21:59 Mark gives a fantastic personal example of the power of an “Opportunity Team” to give people a platform to share their ideas.

27:03 Steve asks Mark how best to start off being a “Conscious Leader”.

28:45 Mark explains what sustainable growth means to him using the example of the CEO of Interface, Ray Anderson.

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  • The Culture Of Opportunity – Mark Monchek
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