Laura Posey | Make Clear Decisions that Get You Closer to Your Ultimate Goal

For many of us, self-promotion is tough. We were raised not to brag. Laura Posey, Chief Instigator at Simple Success Plans, faced that early on in her consulting career. But when she realized one key fact about herself (you have it too), she never hesitated to promote her services proudly… and brings in a steady stream of appreciative clients as a result.

In this episode, Laura also shares a shortcut to help you make any business decision. If the answer is “no” - you let it go without guilt. Yes - you take action. It’s also a handy way to avoid “shiny object syndrome.”

Listen now to discover…

  • How to eliminate “fuzzy” goals from your business planning
  • The “boring” parts of your business you have to master before you innovate
  • What it takes to reach your biggest goals - it’s not fast, but you get there
  • Ways to train your brain to ignore the distractions that plague entrepreneurs
  • The key to envisioning the “Big Picture” that gives you confidence, purpose, and perspective

Listen to Laura Posey and Steve Gordon now…


00:11 Today Steve speaks with Laura Posey. Laura is an internationally recognized speaker, a consultant in sales and marketing and creator of the Simple Success Plans website.

01:19 Laura tells us how she started off in business. From pizza to car sales to insurance to the point where she realized she wasn't cut out for the corporate world.

04:39 In order to overcome obstacles and refocus, Laura goes back to her old emails from clients telling her how much she has helped to change their lives.

06:50 Laura does have days where she wishes she had a normal job but knows she’d get bored in 20mins!

09:28 Did you YOU sell Cutco Knives?

10:24 Laura talks about the shift from selling stuff to selling yourself and how she got over the self-doubt.

14:30 Laura talks about people who read lots of books and go to conferences but asks why they never implemented what they read or heard?.

15:49 Laura’s index card trick.

18:47 Steve reveals the big secret about conferences.

20:33 Laura talks about how important planning is for your business and how you're not going to double the size of your business by working twice as hard.

27:07 “The average person makes 35,000 decisions a day”

29:21 Steve talks about doing his first strategic plan and Laura explains how to boil it down using the 80/20 rule.

36:07 Laura tells us how to get in contact with her and how her daily success checklist can help you immediately.

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