John Curry | The Foundation for Successful Sales You Might Be Missing

A successful salesperson is slick and manipulative, right? No deal, says my guest this week, financial advisor and master salesman John Curry. Over his 40 years in the field, John has refined the real foundation of sales.  

You’re Going to love today’s interview...

John shares Mindset secrets that will immediately improve your ability to sell.

Adopt this philosophy and the money will follow, says John.

Listen in to find out…

  • An easy technique for taking pressure off a customer
  • What you’re really selling - it’s not your product or service
  • The Surgeon’s Posture Secret for boosting your sales numbers
  • Why giving your prospect permission to say “no” often leads to “yes”
  • A technique for being at peace with rejection - it boosts your confidence too


Listen now…



00:11 Today Steve speaks with long time friend John Curry. John has been working at the pinnacle of retirement planning for over 30 years and is considered one of the best salespeople in the country.

03:11 John tells us about “Purity of Intent” and why you should “Focus on the mission, not the commission”.

06:19 John tells us that we are all liars!

08:17 John tells us how he wasn’t always a master salesman. He explains how rhino skin and allowing people the option to say to to him made him a master of the art.

16:53 Steve explains the his “Surgeons Posture” and how he uses it with every potential client.

20:54 Steve and John discuss how the “ABC” of sales is wrong. John gives us some examples from his own life from heart issues to suicide.

26:43 Steve talks about how John approach to selling has led him to sell life insurance to people who were completely against it.

36:00 Steve is a geomatic engineer. Who knew? He explains to us how he ended up in marketing

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